Azura is from the San Francisco Bay Area; a diverse cultural center in California. An award winning performer who has been dancing and acting for over 20 years, she has been inspired by Jazz, Ballet, Scottish Highland, Scottish Country & Ballroom styles, but has found her true calling in the mysterious dances of the Middle East. It is this ancient art form that speaks to her soul and makes her heart sing. With a strong foundation in Arabic dance, focusing on the "classical" with a fusion of Spanish influences, Azura is a dedicated dancer whose specialties include working with veils, swords, skirts & Manton (shawls). Committed to discovering new ways to combine diverse styles of dance, Azura strives to bring forth the power of this form of expression to create a connection with her audience.


Azura’s love for movement, music and history has prompted her to travel and explore varied dance forms and their countries of origin. Over the course of her career, she has performed at clubs, private parties, events and restaurants throughout the San Francisco bay area. She has also danced competitively, winning awards, titles and acclaim along the way. Azura continues to broaden and enrich her interpretative style by experimenting with diverse dance forms and keeping current through regular participation in classes and workshops.


Azura has studied with many world-renowned dancers & musicians, including Shareen El Safy, Dalia Carella, Aziza, Suhaila Salimpour, Karim Nagi, Mona el Said of Egypt and others. Through her teachers, she was taught classical Egyptian style as well as the Folkloric, Lebanese and Gypsy Fusion style of the art form. These influences are very visible in the artistry of Azura’s performances. Her teaching style reflects her commitment to diversity of form as well. She flawlessly combines strength and fluidity with meaningful expression, continuing to amaze all who are fortunate enough to see her perform.


Azura’s dancing has been described as exciting, captivating and charismatic; sultry and intoxicating. In her performances, Azura strives to share the joy that dance brings her with the audience, pulling them into the energy created by her emotional interpretation of the music. As an instructor, she emphasizes the value of perfecting technical skills, while at the same time encouraging students to lose themselves in the exhilaration of expression through dance.


With her dedication and passion for this art form shining through as teacher, performer or student, you can expect great things from Azura.

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